• Brand details

    "MiZi",belongs to foshan mizi co., LTD,Headquartered in “Underwear Capital of China”,MiZi have committed to taking a route in market segment, clearly focusing on no rims bra, thus distinguishes itself from other garment brands.

    Mizi—"Mi" means "to cover" in Chinese, while "Zi" means elegant demeanor.

    MiZi conveys the meaning of an unassuming beauty of the oriental. It combines oriental aesthetics and international fashion, conforming to women’s awakening consciousness of self liberation, and takes the comfortableness of women as the starting point of it every endeavor.

  • Company profile

        MIZI Power posture is a part of Foshan Power Costume Co., Ltd., which is a trend brand specializing in non-steel underwear. Power Zi Building is located in Yanbu, Nanhai, which is highly intensive in the national underwear industry chain. It is a research, development, production and sales. In one short period of four years, Powerzi has attracted more than 60,000 agents worldwide, opened hundreds of specialty stores, and grew at a rate of three times a year, receiving thousands of consumers. Love.

  • Founder jinqi

    "mizi" founder, overall responsibility for managing power appearance of underwear and strategic planning.

    Jinqi used to work in the field of industrial products sales for many years, the international trade and the success of the business of selling experience. in 2014, Ms jinqi created a "mizi" underwear in guangzhou.

    Was industrial sales Jinqi, into the underwear industry, with a "gentleman" creation mentality, dedicated to treat products are treading on thin ice. In order to make some lingerie, she's willing to put in two years time to develop, hit the market until perfect……


Brand Advantage

brand advantage

a leading enterprise!Advocate the enterprise!Five new trend in practice enterprise!

industrial advantage

Authoritative report:In the next five years to 10 years is functional underwear market blowout.

product advantage

Design the product designed by France's top master jean skin Luo Guzu leading design team fall in love.

management advantages

Companies to domestic well-known team the terminals of the original enterprise standardization profit model.


Quick response service: 24-hour customer response service, 7 days after-sales follow-up services.

policy support

According to different markets and different terminal positioning of the shop.

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