Company Introduction

MIZI Power posture is a part of Foshan Power Costume Co., Ltd., which is a trend brand specializing in non-steel underwear. Power Zi Building is located in Yanbu, Nanhai, which is highly intensive in the national underwear industry chain. It is a research, development, production and sales. In one short period of four years, Powerzi has attracted more than 60,000 agents worldwide, opened hundreds of specialty stores, and grew at a rate of three times a year, receiving thousands of consumers. Love.

Power posture has independent research and development production equipment, and the production terminal of the health underwear ecological chain is firmly in its own hands to ensure product quality. It jumped out of the traditional business philosophy, proposed to use the standard quantitative service, creatively proposed the "Golden Babysitter" service system, and formed the core competition chain of the power posture unique "Gold's Smart Value Chain". From the beginning of the brand establishment, Powerzi is committed to taking a different route from other apparel brands, doing market segmentation, concentrating all energy, and focusing on making rim-free health underwear for 100 years.

At present, Power posture has obtained “utility model patent certificate” and “design patent certificate”, and has successively won the best quality award for micro-business, the Chinese social e-commerce star show award, the top 100 micro-business brand, and the excellent brand of Chinese knitwear city. Yanbu underwear promotion award and other honors.

The sub-brand "Gang Hao" focuses on the development and production of men's seamless underwear, adhering to the concept of quality men's brand, and is committed to creating high-end men's character underwear in China. Okayama has spared no effort in material innovation, introducing advanced production machines to ensure accurate and correct cutting, and with human texts, humanized design concepts, healthy and environmentally friendly processing technology, and the pursuit of never-ending perfect quality.