MIZI brand introduction

MIZI, a graceful name. Power, coverage; posture, grace. Power posture, meaning "covering beauty", fits the underwear theme. Underwear is not only the clothing that covers the most beautiful physiological characteristics of women, but also the beautiful objects covered by the outerwear.

The MIZI is elegant, and expresses the unique and elegant aesthetic orientation of the East.

The MIZI pose combines oriental aesthetics with international fashion, conforming to the self-liberation consciousness of women's constant awakening, all from the perspective of women's personal comfort. Innovative and soft design, carefully care for the graceful grace of women, let her enjoy the dream life in the elegant and sexy.

MIZI without rim underwear, with the ultimate comfort, and the convergence of the effect, to meet the female's desire for full breast shape. No seaming molding process, no steel ring body mold cup, multiple anti-slip groove shoulder straps, make the corset no trace skin-friendly, light and comfortable, considerate and carry. Powerful underwear with exquisite craftsmanship and high-grade fabrics makes women's natural comfort and glamorous temperament, and presents a noble and exquisite feminine charm.

Regardless of the past or the future, Power Zi will unswervingly regard "health, personality, fashion" as the use value of the product and the core value of the brand, and regard the dedication of healthy products as the fundamental meaning of the survival and development of the enterprise.


Group CEO introduction

Ms. Jin Qi——Founder of Foshan MIZI Apparel Co., Ltd., co-founder of Shenzhen Gangyu Industrial Co., Ltd., senior engineer, in-service graduate student.

Ms. Jin Qi is a post-80s female entrepreneur. She used to be a gold-collar with an annual salary of one million. She has successfully promoted the power of the new underwear brand to the whole country and led tens of thousands of women to get rich through the Internet with new thinking.


MIZI product series introduction

No steel ring underwear series

Power posture's rimless series of underwear, all imported high-grade fabrics, and advanced equipment in accordance with the golden ratio of perfect cut, for women to outline the perfect curve.

Dancing Life Run Series

The power pose dances the life running series of underwear, satisfying women's longing for releasing youthful vitality and living out their own personality.

Mermaid Princess Swimwear Collection

The mermaid princess series swimsuits, with the ultimate taste design, exquisite modern style, high-quality and comfortable fabrics, cater to the urban people's desire for cutting-edge fashion and modern design.

Dancing Life Run Series

Power posture's rimless series of underwear, all imported high-grade fabrics, and advanced equipment in accordance with the golden ratio of perfect cut, for women to outline the perfect curve.

Celebrity body shaping series

The power pose adopts the international advanced pressureless intelligent draping technology to create a celebrity body shaping series, which strives to show women's beautiful and feminine figure.

Okayama men's underwear series

Okayama men's underwear series is made of European imported modal cotton fabric, which is produced by innovative non-marking hot stamping technology. It is matched with fashionable classic design to show the simple and exquisite life taste of men.


MIZI development memorabilia

In September 2014, Ms. Jin Qi created the MIZI brand in Guangzhou.

In June 2015, Ms. Jin Qi won the “China Entrepreneur” Annual Most Influential “Business Mulan” and APEC E-Commerce Alliance – China E-Commerce “Growing and Innovating Top Ten Persons of the Year” Honor

In July 2015, Powers Underwear participated in the French Paris Lingerie Exhibition

In July 2015, Jin Qi traveled to Pakistan on behalf of the China Underwear Association to exchange views with the Pakistani Prime Minister Assistant and Finance Minister Dr. Miftah Ismail on China's underwear trade cooperation.

In August 2015, Powerzi held the first dealer conference in Zhuhai.

In September 2015, the Power Zi National Dealer Conference ended perfectly.

In December 2015, Powerzi won the fourth vice president unit of Yanbu Underwear Association.

In April 2016, Powerziance was interviewed by Guangdong TV Station's "Hunting Dreams" column.

In May 2016, “Jiweili, Yao Dream” 2016 Power Post Brand Summit and Dealer Dream Festival was held

In August 2016, Power Tower was unveiled

In October 2016, Power Power's first high-level seminar was held.

In December 2016, Power Zi won the “2016 Industry Promotion Award” from Yanbu Underwear Association.