Girls' children's Day is happy. The first round of bombing advertising is ended.


I don't care,

I want children's day.

Xiao Bian is a baby.

There is a mother called power posture mother in the world.

Many of them are working mothers before they encounter power suits and steel ring underwear.

I regret not being able to accompany my children wholeheartedly.

After proxy posture,

Many of them can accompany their cherub with their heart.


The group of children





With power posture.

The little princess and the pure ice gauze are green.

It's hot. Sisters and aunts have to change into pure ice gauze which can cool down 1-1.5 degrees.

The black hat and the dreamy geometry.

The geometry is cute, the handsome boy is cool, and the best is the best.

Pink little loli helped her mother clean up the warehouse.

Is it really not going to make trouble? (* r

But you look lovely.

Such a loli, please give the little editor a dozen thanks!

A cute leopard and a little baby girl.

Your lovely and lively leopard is just right now.

There are so many power posture small Meng wa.

There are so many intimate spokesmen for you.

Power posture mothers are so happy.

This group of power posture small Meng baby uses the whole body to tell you.

Our power underwear is very good.

Sisters and aunts are coming to collect them.

Yes, today's power posture has underwear.

Our posture CCTV-7 advertising is successfully concluded.

The little partners took many pictures of our power in CCTV.

The first phase of the first phase of the first phase of the bombing program has also been declared perfect.

Thank you for your waiting in front of the TV station this month.

We'll see you in the second round of bombing screens.

This is the first place in the CCTV_7 advertising campaign.

736 barbecue sisters

第二名 @ 423個贊

Please contact the backstage within two days to provide the size, address, name, contact information to get underwear.

Postage paid.

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